About Helen Reeley

Hello I’m Helen Reeley Gardens & I’m based in Berkhamsted, Herts, England.

I’ve been a professional gardener for twenty two years now & before that I always had a very strong interest the outdoors & gardening. Some of my earliest garden memories are of my grandad growing ‘tons’ of potatoes & his neighbour having a cacti collection in a greenhouse. Well, I don’t grow potatoes but I do have a quite cute collection of cacti in my greenhouse. 

I studied Garden Design at Oaklands College but realised quite soon that working at a desk indoors wasn’t for me. The craft of gardening, of being outdoors with the sun on my back is where my heart lies. I work sustainably by using British grown plants, designing gardens with pollinators & wildlife in mind and avoid peat based compost whenever I can.

Over the past couple of years I’ve found myself working more with the project management side of garden builds. 

I also work with willow & hold regular willow craft workshops in & around Berkhamsted. In 2020 I’m collaborating with other artists to extend the craft workshop programme. Please look at the Craft Workshop 2020 menu to find details of workshops which include spoon carving, making a cacti terrarium, weaving a willow basket, propagating dahlias & creating Japanese style Kokedama moss plant balls. 

I travel a fair bit & visit gardens, landscapes & wildernesses all around the world. I take photographs & write about these places. Some of my writings can be found on the blog page here on my website. In 2019 I’m starting to put my travel journals into an e-book.