The Museum of Floral Culture in Bangkok

It’s not every day you bump into an internationally renowned floral designer with royal & top brand commissions but I did just that unwittingly whilst in Bangkok in January 2018. And there Sankul Interkul was sitting making an outrageously beautiful violet & dusky pink floral art piece for Her Majesty Queen Mother Sirikit of Thailand….’ooooo’ I hear you say?

Indeed, Sakul Intakul has over the last five years built a garden AND a museum that displays the Thai Art of Floral Culture. Our guide around the museum sounded very knowledgable but I failed to get my ‘ear in’ during the tour & didn’t understand much at all. What I did glean was that Thailand & Japan have very close floral design connections.The museum building has an interesting history too-it was given to a honoured soldier by a Thai king some years back.

We were asked not to take photos of the museum artefacts which was cool by me as the exhibition was so much more interesting than taking photos. The pavilion was rather captivating & cooler; we drank a herbal iced-tea.


The museum & garden covered an area of about an acre. It had been exquisitely designed with typically tropical plants & small intimate areas of secrecy.  


The house & garden acted as a wedding & meeting venue. To one side of the mansion was a very simple tea salon where we had a superbly aromatic chicken lunch with blue rice. The rice had been coloured naturally with the plant known as the butterfly pea. 


After lunch I wandered round the back & found a tiny temple & a pool which I nearly jumped into!!


And also there looked to be another pavilion with a day-bed & candles & pretty flowers. I was so tempted to have a snooze. The place was utterly serene & recumbency beckoned


One of the garden’s outstanding charms was its peacefulness & feeling of solitude even though it was bang in the middle of one of Asia’s largest cities. We didn’t see many birds & bees in Bangkok but there were a few here. If you’re planning a visit to the ‘other’ famous garden in Bangkok, (the one that heaves with visitors & where your visit makes you feel like you’ve taken part in a meat market & is truly a victim of its own success) -stop, & consider visiting The Museum of Floral Culture instead. It’s a delightfully class act, both Sankul Interkul & his beautiful garden, a living exhibit.