Adventures in Boots – Willow Wreath Workshops – January 2017

I haven ’t been trekking far and wide garden visiting since I last wrote for the magazine. I’m off to Sri Lanka in two weeks so my next post will be exotic but for now my adventures have been more of the local sort. IMG_3864

Sue made a very neat co-ordinated wreath

IMG_2851 Terrific effort by Anna During December I organise several Christmas willow wreath workshops which are proving more popular as each year passes. I find some of the wreath making materials in my client’s gardens often as a result of natural pruning and this year was no exception. However, my local willow supplier wasn’t coming up trumps for a variety of reasons so I needed to find a new source. In doing this I’ve opened up a new book it seems. My new supplier sells live willow structures, willow partition panels & raised bed supports all which I’ve already planned to use in projects for next year. IMG_3904-1 When I mentioned my new supplier & products to a local teacher she immediately wanted the contact details to buy a living willow structure for their school. I saw an opportunity to use a willow panel instead of a boring standard fence panel to plug a gap in a hedge here at Apple Tree Cottage. So, my move away from using a local supplier has paid dividends in some ways, however my new supplier is at least regional. It bothers me that my materials are not all immediately local but needs must & off to Bucks I must travel. IMG_3914 Willow work is relaxing & fun. It’s not always easy to bend the rods but patience & application pay dividends. Everyone made and finished a wreath of their own design which can be used for years & years not just during December. Wreaths can be placed in the garden all year round hanging bare or can be dressed with fresh bounty for an outdoor occasion. Next year, I’ll be discovering more types of willow some which I’ll plant on my allotment & some which I’ll weave into plant obelisks. There will be workshops available to make your own willow obelisk. Drop me a line if you want to take part. IMG_2828 Marc’s first attempt at making a willow wreath   TTFN 07708 643313     Save Save Save Save

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