Adventures in Boots – Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico – February 2016

Not so much in boots these days as in sandals. I’m currently on my winter break in Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico. Being so used to the great outdoors I find British winters very difficult to cope with so to save myself from cabin fever/SAD/depression, I take myself off for the very worst part, mid December to early February. This time away also helps with that other dreadful part of the year when folk go a bit crazy with the festive period.

Cabo San Lucas experienced a strong category three hurricane back in September 2014. Hurricane Odile wreaked havoc & damage was valued at $1.22 billion. I saw for myself in Cabo San Lucas & San Jose del Cabo the remnants of the damage; half completed buildings remained just that & palm trees uprooted at the time lay in heaps with other landscaping debris.

Much of the carnage was repaired very promptly including the landscaping. I was impressed with roadside planting & realised, of course, it was all quite new. Some stunning plant combinations of aloe, cacti, bougainvillea & ornamental grasses adorn the roadsides & roundabouts. The planting was mulched with limestone chippings which attentive gardeners raked in an attractive oriental type fashion.


San Jose del Cabo is home to a cacti farm. Reports on the internet said the business was totally ruined, mud lay inches thick over the specimens, poly tunnels/shaded areas had been stripped away by the force of the winds and the art sculptures lay decimated. But 18 months on I was amazed at how well the farm had bounced back, there was sign of any damage, the mud had gone (along with the mozzies), the pond repaired & the maze installation re-installed. Shade canopies had been re-built & over 1,800 specimens are again growing aided by local nursery professionals. New bougainvillea ‘tents’ had been built which will offer visitors welcome shade in a few year’s time when they are mature. The roundabout just outside the nursery is one of the most well designed & considered schemes I’ve seen on my travels-knocked Singapore’s municipal planting into second place. So much work in such a short time. If you ever take some winter sun to San Jose del Cabo be sure to take a taxi to Wirikuta Cactus Park, $8 entrance & some fantastic photo opportunities.


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