Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Well nothing could have prepared me for the temperature difference when I arrived home almost four weeks ago.  Rather than hit the floor running as I expected, I have been hibernating under a warm duvet mostly, wearing multiple layers and hugging hot water bottles.  Who knew March was going to be so rubbish!

I apologise for encouraging you in my last newsletter to get out there in base layers to complete your winter gardening work; I hope you ignored me and stayed inside in the warm cosseting hot toddies!

tasks for the month ahead

Anyway, all this snow means that the tasks I suggested last month will be outstanding.  Not a problem, when you’re ready and the weather’s warmer, pop outside and get some of them done.  I’ve always said that gardening should be a pleasure not a chore!  Email me if you have any concerns.

Meanwhile things to do this month include:

  • Gardening if the weather gets warmer
  • Making soup and other hearty meals (summer is the new winter)
  • Lounging around reading in front of the fire with your favourite single malt
  • Armchair gardening – read the biggest books and fill your mind with hope and aspiration
  • Feeding the birds, ensuring their water supply is ice-free

I say it every year but here goes again… please do NOT buy bedding plants over the Easter holidays.  In fact, don’t buy bedding plants at all!  Instead, plant some permanent perennial flowers; much cheaper and less hassle.  If you do insist on buying bedding plants, wait until they have grown on and are much stronger.

growing your own cut flowers

I was lucky enough to get a place on the popular Common Farm Flowers course ‘Growing cut flowers in Town Gardens’ with the lovely Georgie Newbery last week.

I came away bursting with ideas and all the knowledge I need to make a cut flower garden.  Do you have an empty patch, say 12’ by 3’?  This is all you need to build a flower garden to give you cut flowers for a whole season through until October.

Call or email me if you’d like one and I’ll write a blog about this next month too.

and finally…

If you and/or your children like vintage planes, cars, bicycles and birds of prey, then do take a trip up to Shuttleworth Museum, near Biggleswade in Bedfordshire.

There’s all this and more, and in the most beautiful condition.  Blog and more photographs to follow.

There are some photos up on my website now of my visit to Cambodia.  The full set can also be found on my Facebook account, which is public, just search for Helen Reeley.  Please feel free to drop in and take a look!