Free Seed Offer & My Travels

Hello there!  I’m sending this to you from Thailand.  Sounds like you’ve had some dreadful weather with all the snow, rain and gales!  At least you’ve had plenty of time to put your feet up and take a break from our normal gardening tasks, so now it’s time to get moving again!

I hope you find the info below useful.  Do shout if you’ve any queries!  And don’t forget my free seed offer!

journey of a lifetime

In December, I flew from Heathrow to Bangkok (Thailand) from Bangkok to Yangon (Burma/Myanmar – the country has two names) from Yangon to Mandalay (still Burma) and back again, then to Bagan and then back again a few days later.  Still with me?!

You can read excerpts from my personal journal on my blog.

After Burma I went to Cambodia, but that’s a different journal and a whole different blog!

top tips for the month ahead

  • Prepare your vegetable seed beds and sow some vegetables under cover.
  • Chit your potato tubers – chitting simply means encouraging the seed potatoes to sprout before planting.  Stand the tubers with the rounded, blunt end uppermost in trays or old egg boxes, with plenty of natural light and plant when the shoots are ½ to 1” long.
  • Your winter-flowering shrubs may have thought they were finished flowering, but now the cold has passed, they will probably re-start.  Hold off on their pruning therefore!
  • Cut back all deciduous grasses left untended over the winter.

Finally, revisit your composting (check out this great website) and repair fencing, shed roofs and anything else which might be the worse for wear following all the wind and snow.  You could put your mower in for service too!

the great daffodil appeal

Are you familiar with the Great Daffodil Appeal?  If not, take a look here.

I think this is absolutely great!  Just donate an hour of your time this March and help someone in their final hours.

There are lots of other ways to help, just click on the link for more information.

free seeds!

Don’t forget my free seeds offer!

Just drop me an email, and complete your full name and address and details of the seeds that you would like to receive and I will post them out to you when I return.

Please respond by Thursday 28 February (and don’t worry, I won’t pass your details to anyone else!).