the golden hour and overcast sky tips

Hello folks!  Last month I promised you a very special offer and here it is, my Personal Shopping Day, with a difference!  No this isn’t about clothes; it’s for your garden!

Join me for an extra special shopping day, including a review of your garden with practical design advice and problem solving, and then the best bit – shopping for your plants and shrubs!  For just £250 we’ll spend the day together in your garden and at Sunnyside Nursery.  Plus you’ll benefit from a 30% discount on any plants we buy too!  Interested?  Call or email me now to book a date.

By the way, did you get to the Olympic Park?  Some great shots here, I can’t wait to visit next year!

garden photography

Julia Stanley is an award winning and published garden photographer and I am delighted that she has written this article for me on how to photograph your garden.

“Autumn presents some fabulous photo opportunities in the garden.  Amazing rich colours of the leaves as they turn, big, bold veggies such as pumpkins and beautiful berries and hips…”  You can read the full article on my blog.

Julia is a member of the Professional Garden Photographers Association and Garden Media Guild; take a look at her website, the images are absolutely glorious and so inspiring!  You can buy many of her prints too.

discovering bugs

So you’ll know by now how much I like to encourage children into the garden from an early age.  Education doesn’t just take place at school you know!  (Mini rant over).  Take a look at this hugely informative website, which discusses everything from the tiniest bug to the beautiful dragonfly.  There’s even a ‘bug of the month’!

If your kids are doing a school project or similar this would be a really useful source of information.

your garden this month

Well firstly, thank goodness we’re seeing some rain at last!  The ground was beginning to feel like a terracotta pot it was so hard, but the new moisture will soften things up a bit, so get out there and get forking.

Prune, prune, prune… keep going with the hedge trimming and shrub pruning (including your climbing roses) and don’t be scared to cut off too much (hmmm within reason, don’t massacre the poor thing!  – mail me if you’re unsure with info on the shrub in question and perhaps a photograph too if you can.)

Lift and divide your hardy perennials… make 3 to 5 clumps, improve the soil with compost and grit and dig them back in – spaced out a bit of course.  This way you get plants for free!

Seasonal baskets and tubs… I’m planting up 6 huge tubs and 13 x 45cm (18” old money) hanging baskets this autumn on one of my larger projects.  I’m looking to create something other than the traditional flower variety and plan to use Ferns, Grasses, Heuchera (common names include Alumroot and Coral Bells), Cyclamen, Sage and the silver leafed Curry Plant.  Think outside the box for your planters and please no yellow pansies!  Do it now to get the roots established.

If it’s a mild winter again we can get so much done before next spring.  Give me a call to plan your garden changes now rather than waiting until next year!