Summer pruning

Summer greetings…warm enough for you all!

With the recent sun and rain, and now sun, sun and more sun, your gardens and you may be suffering.  Please find below some useful tips to get you and your garden back on track:

As a general rule, shrubs that flower before June have flowered on stalks grown from the previous year and shrubs that flower after June are going to flower on new growth this season.  So once the Spring flowering shrubs such as Syringa (lilac), Ribes (flowering currant) and Philadelphus (mock orange) have flowered, that’s the time to give them a really good trim, to keep them looking at their best for the rest of the year and to ensure beautiful and bountiful flowers next Spring.

For the later flowering shrubs like Fuchsia, Lavatera (mallow), Hydrangea and Buddleja (butterfly bush) they all need to keep their stalks until next Spring when they will be ready for pruning.

And then there’s the evergreens, which just need a clip mid to late Spring and then only when required.

Fruit trees and Wisteria are greedy and like to be pruned in the Summer and the Winter.

Clematis needs pruning now if it’s flowered and then feed it for a second flush of flowers.

And finally, when did you last feed your shrubs?

I hope you will find these brief tips useful.  Confused?…then please give me a call.

My Acanthus Academy will provide all you need to know about how, when and where to prune the plants, trees and shrubs in your garden.  We can identify them, prune them (or not), feed them and, equally importantly, check them over for any pests and diseases.  And last but by no means least, I will furnish you with a plan of action for you to complete the remaining pruning later in the season.

A morning session of Acanthus Academy tuition is just £75, which would be sufficient for a ‘normal’ sized garden.  Country estates may need more than one session!!

And if you’d like me to do the work with you over the next few weeks that can be arranged too.

Kind regards to you all… keep cool!

Helen Reeley